Laboratory facilities and testing lab-support-image

All of the products we develop at Scents Alive start in our lab where we work carefully to achieve the customer’s desired product characteristics and work towards designated pricing guidelines.

Once samples are approved by a customer, each formulation undergoes thorough testing to ensure it is stable for production and the store shelf.

Equipment / capabilities
Scents Alive has wide ranging manufacturing capabilities. We have batching and filling suites for our NHP production, and our manufacturing facility is temperature and humidity controlled.

Our equipment range allows us to fill both small and large container sizes from 15 ml to Gallon jugs.

Product/ packaging styles easily managed include:
Bottles – filling – capping and induction sealing
Jars – filling – capping, labeling and induction sealing
Tubes – filling labeling and sealing
Lip balm sticks – filling labeling and shrink banding
Lip butter pots – filling labeling and sealing
Bath salt jars and envelopes filling labeling and sealing
Filled candles – filling, labeling custom packaging


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