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Scents Alive is an ISO 22716 certified manufacturer of all natural personal care products with a wide breadth of product capabilities. We focus on developing formulas that are animal product free, paraben free, mineral oil free and sulfate free. Tell us what your product goals are and we will work to accommodate you.

Formula Examples by category that can be customized for you include but are not limited to:

Body care

Natural Bath and body products

  • Lotions – in a wide range of nourishing mineral oil free formulations
  • Hand Creams – rich skin, nourishing concoctions made with a range of natural oils
  • Hand and body wash – made from gentle yet effective plant based sulfate free surfactants
  • Foaming washes – light-weight natural blends that work with Foaming pumps to create rich foaming washes
  • Body butters – rich, highly moisturizing, infused with a range of specialty oils and butters
  • Sea salt mineral bath salts – in a range of grain sizes and blends
  • Massage, face and body oils, highly moisturizing, skin nourishing, and vitamin rich often using unique, signature oils to highlight your brand character.
  • Exfoliating scrubs in a wide range of options including salt, sugar, apricot, pumice and more.

Skin care
Natural Skin Care – Antiaging, Nutraceutical, Specialty actives formulations.

We configure high quality natural skin care for our brand owners through the use of vitamin rich Nutraceutical ingredients, essential oils and clinically tested specialty actives for anti-aging, moisturizing, firming , toning, smoothing and plumping  we can formulate a tremendous range of  natural skin care to meet your product goals and budgets.

  • Cleansers, gentle, cleansing, non- stripping
  • Toners, deep cleansing, balancing hydrating
  • Moisturizers providing nutrients and protection for your skin
  • Masks, using nature’s ingredients to cleanse exfoliate and detoxify, using specialty clays
  • Exfoliating scrubs, we have a range of micro-derm abrasion formulas for sensitive facial skin
  • Night creams highly moisturizing and nourishing for the skin
  • Day creams – hydration and protection throughout the day
  • Eye creams specially formulated for the delicate skin in the eye area- specialty actives focus on puffiness, wrinkle erasing and dark circles
  • Specialty creams, anti wrinkle cream, creams for skin brightening,
  • Serums for under eye and face

Scents alive also works on Men’s skin care product line formulation, tailoring many of the traditional formulation strategies to meet the needs of product lines catering to Male skin care routines.

  • Natural shave cream, luxurious natural foam for men and women

Lip Care – Lip balm sticks  and lip balm tubes, potted lip balms
A wide range of luxurious lip care, naturally formulated Lip balms in tubes, sticks and pots using the best available natural and organic ingredients to protect your lips. Vegan and regular Natural alternatives are available.

Foot Care
Exfoliating scrubs in a wide range of options, sea salt, Sugar, apricot and other specialty exfoliants.
Cracked-heel and intensive moisturizing creams. Intensely rich formulations where special treatment is required to treat cracked and damaged skin.

Natural Hair Care – Sulfate free shampoos
Natural Hair Care – Sulfate free shampoos , formulated to suit a wide range of hair types. Scents Alive can support you in both traditional and salon quality formats.
Conditioners – naturally formulated to give soft manageable shiny, tangle free hair traditional and salon quality formats.

For more information on our natural Personal Care products, please contact us.



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